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TMJ disorders, headache, migraine

Natural therapy with no drugs or prosthesis, effective and zero-cost various kinds of pain, muscular tension-type, different disorders arising from the same cause: wrong sleeping position (mandibular decubitus)

The conditions arising from many of the disorders listed below will improve by learning to sleep in the correct position. People who usually sleep lying face downwards on the bed, on their stomach or on a side, weigh heavily on their jaws with static load and push the counter lateral condyle back towards the glenoid cavity, an area which is rich in vessels and nerves, therefore highly algogenous, against a thin weak bone whose structure is not apt to bear an excessive continuous static load for several hours.

TemporoMandibular joint disorders, TMJD

After bearing pain and strain for many years, meniscal and joint ligaments are stretched and become loose. Under continuous pressure, the condyle is misshapen and deformed. The disc is deformed and slides forward. Pain and clicking, grating, crackling start appearing during movements.


The compression of the middle meningeal branch of the trigeminal nerve is the cause of migraine.

Eye Pain

The compression of the ophthalmic branch of the trigeminal nerve is the cause of eye pain.

Auricolotemporal Pain, Ear Pain

The compression of the auricolotemporal nerve, the eardrum cord, the auditory duct and the Eustachian tube also cause neuralgia and ear pain. Other symptoms wrongly attributed to unknown causes include: hum, buzzing, whistling, ear ringing, hissing, auditory impairment, muffled sounds, dizziness, unbalance.

Muscular Tension-Type Headache

Instead of resting, the neuromuscular component is active throughout the night, in order to oppose the weight borne by the jaw, which pushes and deviates sideward. Spontaneous Swallowing is repeated every 4 minutes. Masticatory muscles are subject to great effort in order to move the jaw from forced lateral occlusion to maximal intercuspidal occlusion (thus bruxing, BRUXISM). The stress arising from the trauma and the accumulation of catabolytes in the muscles (caused by hyperactivity) cause pain and muscular strain. THE NATURAL THERAPY: Sleeping on the back

(See Health and Sleeping positions).

Doctor Galiffa