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Sleeping lying on one side of the jaw with face downwards on the pillow generates a trauma on the teeth and on the entire masticatory apparatus, and over time leads to a number of syndromes and health problems, such as – to cite only a few – periodontal diseases, gingivitis, gingival recessions, periodontitis, gum disease, nocturnal bruxism, pyorrhoea, periodontitis, halitosis, hum, tinnitus, dizziness, TMJ

A correct sleeping position

A correct sleeping position is therefore essential for health and general wellbeing of the mouth. Sleeping in a correct position leads to a gradual and natural recovery from teeth and TMJ syndromes and related health problems. Typically, there are two main obstacles to the functioning of this natural healing mechanism which I described in Spontaneous Swallowing

  1. First, several patients complain that it is hard to maintain the correct sleeping position during the entire night. These patients are mostly unwilling to change their wrong habits.
  2. Second, there are cases where the jaw cannot easily move forward to find the correct position and re-establish an healthy harmonious occlusion. This occurs, for instance, in cases of deep bite (i.e. a situation whereby upper incisors cover in whole or in part the lower incisors or there exists excessive overlapping between the upper and the lower incisors), mandibular setback, excessive posterior displacement of the jaw and imprisonment behind the upper teeth. sleeping on the jawbone, a static load lies heavily on the teeth , mandible and TMJ, always causes deep bite and mandibular setback TMJ Disorder

For several years during my professional career I have been coming across these kinds of problems on my patients. Based on the observation of such situations, I have designed a new simple device, Galiffa’s SMART BITE, which would help patients not only to assume but also to maintain a correct position during the sleep, thereby favouring the natural healing process. Galiffa’s SMART BITE is essentially a plaque that covers only part of the palate and has the following characteristics:

  1. It adheres to the palate of the maxilla without covering the chewing surface of the teeth.
  2. It has retention hooks and two vestibular wings which generate pain and discomfort in the patient if he/she suddenly moves during the sleep to a wrong position.
  3. This bite can be applied only during the night. In this way, teeth and Jaw are free to move during the day without interferences, hence, allowing the spontaneous deglutition biological mechanism to work and therefore, to re-establish the harmonious position of the teeth and jaw. Spontaneous Swallowing
  4. Galiffa’s SMART BITE is designed in a way that the only contact occurs between the lower incisors and the palatal plaque, slightly extended just behind the upper incisor. The idea is to keep all the back teeth (molars) completely separated and not covered by any plaque. This favors the eruption of the posterior teeth and the correction of deep bite. During the night the Spontaneous Swallowing pushes the lower incisors against the palatal plaque. The incisors intrude and do not touch the upper teeth. Therefore, the jaw is allowed to move forward and find the right position for a harmonious occlusion.
  5. Galiffa’s SMART BITE also prevents the molar teeth from occluding in a wrong position, thereby avoiding rubbing and grinding of teeth, that happens during nocturnal bruxism
  6. Galiffa’s SMART BITE is designed in a way which favors relaxation of the masticatory muscles and reduces pain and restriction jaw’s movement
  7. Galiffa’s SMART BITE disengages the jaw that can move freely on the three planes of the space, therefore facilitating the rebalancing of the mandible and the repositioning in an harmonic occlusion. . Freedom of movement facilitates the “self-harmonization” of the components of the Stomatognatic (Chewing) System. What I define as “self-harmonization” is an automatic harmonizing action carried out by means of Spontaneous Deglutition. The “self-harmonization” is possible due to the control capacity, adjustment capacity and remodelling capacity of the three components of the Stomatognathic System
  8. Galiffa’s SMART BITE can also help healing and preventing cervical and lumbar pain caused by postural imbalance

Smart Bite Galiffa’s SMART BITE - Laboratorio Odontotecnico in Alba Adriatica TERAMO
 Dental Worked   di  Belletti Milko

Above is an image of Galiffa’s SMART BITE. As the picture shows, the Smart Bite is essentially a palatal plate. It has retention hooks and two vestibular wings. It does not cover the chewing surfaces of the teeth. The only contact occurs between the lower incisors and the palatal plaque. The Galiffa’s SMART BITE can be applied only during the night.

Doctor Galiffa